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As a business manager, it is important for you to be wise especially in dealing with your sales agents. After all, it is your sales agents that provide income for the company. If the sales agents are not good sellers, they will never bring anything to you. What you need to do is to find some means for you to think about motivating them to work hard and add more sales each day. Martin Awards and recognitions would mean something significant on your part. Those things would lift the morals of the sellers and they feel that they are given much importance.


Cash incentives are definitely important prizes. If your sellers would know that you are giving bonuses or cash incentives, you will surely feel better because they know they can be able to meet their other needs if they will get more sales and the company will honor them the incentives. You need to provide high cash incentives especially if they can bring out the best sales. You need to provide a bracket if you like so that they would hit the sales under a certain bracket. If ever they would never be able to hit the highest bracket, they could land to the second or third at the very least. They will still be rewarded for that.


You can also offer free vacation or trip as an incentive. It will help them to unwind for a while. They deserve to get a break and you will just be very happy if you choose to provide the right motivation technique. If you have some sponsors, you can freely provide your best sales agent with free board and lodging and tour to one of the best international tourist spots. He deserves it because of what he has done for the company. For more facts and info regarding awards, you can go to


Aside from those incentives, you can also give recognition by providing a plaque. The plaque itself is a good source of inspiration especially when it is displayed at home. If you will give a plaque to the person, it means that you value his significance in the company. Not all people can be like him so you will really feel better if you choose to promote him to the next level. Providing the right sales awards and recognition will help your company at large because people will never forgo the chance of staying with you and become more productive in their fields.