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Awards and Recognition in Your Company


Are you losing employees every now and then? Are the yearly turnover rates at your company increasing with each passing period? Have you thought of using methods to keep your employees from leaving your company? Did you try the methods you have thought of and still, there were no changes and employees exit your corporation. You have tried many things and the employee turnover rate remains the same. Have you considered giving awards and recognition to your employees? This method sure worked a lot of the times and maybe this is the opportunity for you to apply it in your business or company. The problem sometimes is that employees have invisible needs that are subtle in influencing the way they decide on things. Factors like self-esteem and self-worth are overlooked most often and a drop in these things causes people to become unmotivated.


One way to motivate your employees, beyond the salary and benefits you are providing, are awards and recognition. Awards and recognition from fulfill an individual's esteem need that is according to Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. It is why people wonder that despite of their physiological, security, and belonging needs being met there is still that emptiness that seems to not go away. In recognizing the efforts the employees make in meeting his or her quota or just plainly in doing his or her job, the employee feels that he or she is valued and important in the success of the company or business.


The giving of awards places this feeling of accomplishment on the person and this will inspire him or her to continue to work, and this will encourage others to work well also for them to receive awards. Another thing to consider is that it makes the employees feel that they belong and matter; this encourages them to remain and continue working in the company or stay in the business with you. To learn more about awards and recognition, you can visit


Once you decide that this is your way of keeping the employees in the company. Think of ways on how you would execute it. Will you recognize them on the number of sales they make, thus the giving of sales awards. You can even recognize and award them for good behavior and positive attitude they have towards the work. One effective way is awarding them base on the length of their stay in the company or business now that would make them look forward for more years in the company. These are just some of the ways you keep your company from losing important employees. See martin awards here.